Monday Evening Vibes

So, I seem to start and fail many things in my life. Or perhaps I quit them? Whatever you would like to call it, that is how my life has been over the last decade. The only thing I have really been good at ( from my perspective ) is my job. I am a former ‘Retail Queen’. I have been in retail since infancy as I like to say but in reality 18. I moved up the ladder pretty quick, have a knack from managing and developing people. I have worked for some ‘big names’ and not so big ones. Because I am good at my job, I have a tendency to allow my personal life to go up in smoke. Let be frank it has been up in smoke for a long time. I chose career and never really could find a balance between the two. I poured everything I had into this career. I missed countless events, wedding duties, birthdays, and just being there for my friends and family. Pretty soon work becomes the excuse not to attend things, see people or keep in shape.

Of course with that, distance grows. Best friends from high school ( that you have known since you were 13 ) fade away. Grandfathers pass away and you are left thinking, why didn’t I take the time off to attend his 80th Birthday? The distance didn’t just grow in the metaphorical sense, it grew in the I live in LA now, and you live in Graham, WA.

I have just ( actually back in March ) moved back to the PNW from LA and left retail queendom in search of something different. ( I had been trying to get out for some time, but I felt like it was the only thing I was good at, so alas retailretailretail )When I first arrived, I was excited at the prospect of being closer to all those I left behind. I quickly realized that after living in LA, there would be some adjusting. The weather first and foremost. It impacted me more than I could ever imagine. I was ( and perhaps still may be ) sluggish, depressed and wondering why did I want to come back her to begin with?

Well, I pulled my head out of my ass at the end of April ( it took long enough.. ) and started to think about getting back my fitness. Before I moved here, I loved to run. I wouldn’t dream of running now. I think the feeling of euphoria from a hard run was what I loved about it, not the act itself. So I started getting back my fitness.

So where does the quitting come in? Well I used countless excuses to quit my social life and become some zombie. I started and quit blogging on this very site time and time again. I started and quit a photo project.  I started and quit workout routines. I started and quit eating healthier and sticking by my convictions ( vegan/vegetarian ). I quit the lemonade ‘diet’ after 3 days-lets face it though, this was a terrible decision. The list could go on but here I am now, still sticking with it. I have also been eating ‘healthier’ but it still needs work. My addiction is spinning-what a brutal addiction to have. After many rides I ask: But did you die though? I just started to learn the fine art of yoga. And let me tell you, I only know three poses and can’t fully execute two of them because, yoga. The last and final thing that I have been into and this is still intermittent is Chakra work and crystals. ( more about this some other time )

So here it is 07.03.2017 and I am working on myself after 37 years of life.

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